What an Unfair Way to Treat a Nurse

I have lived my whole life wanting to be a nurse like my mother. I chose a difficult path by having children first, but I had a career plan and stuck with it. Little did I know that the nursing profession/medical field was taking a turn for the worse and would send me into downward spiral of hopelessness and despair.

I am torn between the love for my job and my hate for the profession. My plan was to obtain my associates degree and continue with my education while working. I ultimately wanted to become a nurse practitioner. But somehow along the way associate degree nurses have been deemed incapable of critical thought and unworthy of any job beyond the nursing home. I spent six months looking for a job after graduation, ended up not being able to afford to continue my education with job that I obtained nor could I afford health insurance. I spent two years without health insurance and I’m a NURSE for goodness sake.

When I finally got another job with benefits I could afford I hated every minute of it. But what can you do when you’re a single parent and can’t get a job anywhere else. After 5 years of experience I cannot obtain employment in hospital or clinic because I do not have a BSN or hospital experience. What a crock!!! I’m never gonna get the experience if you don’t hire me, I can’t get my BSN because you won’t hire me and I’m sick and tired of encountering the dumbest nurses I have ever met that gain employment because the hospitals and the American Nurses Association think that somehow I’m unworthy of a nursing career because I have an associates degree. Last time I checked I took the same EXACT test that the nurse with the BSN took.

As a matter of fact I recently found out from the nurse recruiters that I have spoken too that it doesn’t even matter if you have a BSN as long as you have any kind of bachelor degree with your associates. So maybe I should have gotten a BS in any random, no brainer, piece of crap degree, then went to nursing school to have a successful, meaningful, and appreciated career. If anyone wants to go into nursing I would not even waste my time going in an associates program unless you already have an art degree. Take it from me. I got passed up by a former bartender, new grad RN because she had a BSN and I only had 5 years of nursing experience with 10 years of nursing tech experience behind that. Seems fair to me, right?