Dealing with Crappy Nursing Practice These Days

Nursing has changed drastically over the last 3 decades. Staffing ratios are unsafe, support staff is a joke and management is clueless. Hospital admin thinks patients are to be handled like an assembly line, and time is not alloted for adequate care. Reimbursement and government regulations have destroyed our ability to provide safe care. But, we are expected to provide exceptional personalized care to keep patient satisfaction numbers at predetermined levels (by those that have no clue what is involved).

I feel bad for patients, and for newer nurses who struggle everyday to keep their heads “above water”. The current economy has hurt nurses – the new management mantra is “you’re lucky to have a job”. They have used this situation to increase patient loads while cutting our pay.

The only people that care about patient safety are nurses. Management, insurance companies and government agencies ¬†push us beyond reasonable limits of responsibilities while criticizing our every move. The final straw will be Obamacare – it will make us robots with no authority to provide patient care that we are trained to provide. Doctors will leave the profession by the thousands, leaving nurses without any protection against the lawyers that breathe down our necks. The best step would be tort reform, but that was not mentioned in the “Affordable Health Care Reform Act” bill. There is nothing affordable about it – it is a disaster. Patients and nurses will pay the price. God help us all.