Loving the Nursing Profession and the Patients

I love working as a nurse, but I don’t enjoy my present job.

I am fortunate enough to work with wonderful professional people, but I work for a small agency and was promoted to administrator. Now I am responsible for tasks for which I had little or no training, and I don’t get to see patients anymore, which was the part of the job I loved the most originally. I have worked in a variety of settings, and have worked with some very difficult people. But I believe that Nursing (like any other aspect of life) is what you make it.

Sure, we have the added burden of ensuring that the rules supplied by the third party payer are being met, which means paying attention to documentation. And we are dealing with people (our patients) who don ‘t really want to be in their situation, and often we are dealing with unhappy family members. Sure we do deal with bodily functions! But we have the privilege of connecting with our patients and their families in such a special way.

My advice to any Nurse that hates his or her job is to fix those things you can about it. Learn how to deal with difficult people, they exist within every profession. Resign yourself that as long as we are providing services for one entity and another entity is paying for those services, we will have to be careful with what seems like nit-picky rules in terms of documentation. If you are not a caregiver, find something else to do. And if you are promoted to a position that takes you away from what you love, do what I’m in the process of doing. Find a different job that allows you to do the “good stuff” for a higher percent of your day.