Not a Good Pay for Dominos’ Driver’s

I work for Dominos being their for 8 months. It really stinks the pay is only 55o an hour and would be lucky to get a dollar a run gas is 312 those bastards in head office. ┬áThey don’t give a shit about us drivers all they care about is their stupid ads on tv. I can’t see paying a lot of money for an ad, when the drivers are the back bone of the place i’m always doing more than my share and doing the manger’s jobs, putting up stock and doing every thing else. I don’t even get a thank you when i’m done. The lazy ass mangers job hell they get 1500 every two weeks we just get pissed on.

If Dominos want to keep good drivers like me, the thing need to change, you say at least it’s a job. It a job alright no pay for busting my balls. Dominos change your ways we are people not your dogs.