A Decade Wasted as Nordstrom’s Manager

I worked at Nordstrom for 10 years and as manager for 9 and 1/2 years. Year after year I would get promoted or receive glowing performance reviews.

As all the other reviews mention they work you like a dog and the customers get treated with the upmost respect. Employees on the other hand do not. Store managers and regional visits walk by to nit pick about any little thing. A customer might have seen their reflection in a mirror without me telling them they are beautiful or something just as ridiculous. A piece of paper fell on the floor so now I have ruined the customers whole shopping experience.

Aside from being watched under a microscope and criticized in front of my employees , I also put in countless hours and sacrificed family obligations for work. I missed part of a siblings wedding because I needed to be there for the first Saturday of the sale. When I first started there it was a pleasent place to work but then a shift came and it was no longer about service and how hard you worked.

After having a store manager who had increases except for the first really tough year of the recession which led to him being demoted they brought in a dragon lady to cut costs. Which meant cut manager jobs of those who were making a good wage because they had been in their positions for some years even though the CEO Blake Nordstrom gave himself a few more million dollars of a raise that same year. She waited 2 months then she showed her true colors. She resembles a Disney villain and I guess took a cue from them as well. She was the ultimate corporate kiss ass.. Spying on employees and bragging about how she chose her career over her children even when they were toddlers. She told a manager who’s parent is a in the corporate end that the employees should fear them otherwise they weren’t doing their job. Great motivating! People should be afraid of you? That’s a new low and that sounds like pathetic attempt at redemption from probably being the loser in high school constantly teased.

It got to the point that being there was so nerve racking. We would constantly be berated and it was just miserable on top of countless hours of work. As I watched people who were dedicated to their jobs get laid off or demoted I also feared for my job. I took another promotion and transferred stores. That store came with its own issues such as having the worst reputation in the company for having the mst challenging customers. The store although a little backwards was ok. I enjoyed it more than working for the witch. Unfortunately my parents became ill and I wanted to be able to vist them more often so I stepped out of management and then placed in tempory sales. I worked one pay period which is 15 days before I was told I was being let go for low productivity. Really after 10 years that’s the best you could come up with!