The Unforgettable McDonald’s Experience – Dangerous Crazy Coworkers

This story is long, but please take your time to read it. It contains some things that might make you think twice about the things that go on behind the golden arches…

I began working for McDonald’s in Australia last year, and if my experiences were in the contract’s terms and conditions then I never would have signed up.

It was a brand new store in a small town with no other competition in the area. When I began working there, no-one knew what they were doing- as almost all the crew were all trainees and the managers had limited experience. In the first month, I came across my first problem, which came in the form of an insane work colleague called Michael. He was 1 or 2 years younger than I was, but he looked like he was 21. Anyway, during a busy period, the bun toaster began to jam so Michael was called from wash-up to the line, he came up and said “What did you do!?” then proceeded to use a large bread knife to un-block the toaster. Despite my scepticism, it actually worked, but he then said “If that happens again then I’m going to shove this knife up your arse”. He was dead serious about the comment and didn’t reveal an inch of sarcasm. He then returned to wash-up and the kid that was with me said “What the hell is his problem?”. Unfortunately, the toaster began to freeze again as he had damaged the inside lining with the knife. He returned and said “What did I say would happen if this happened again?” as he held the knife up in front of my face.

Thankfully, it was left there, but regretfully I didn’t make a complaint as I initially thought he was of higher authority/a manager or something along those lines. It was safe to say he was a complete psycho with more testosterone than intelligence.

As the weeks rolled on more events occurred because I was unlucky placed on many shifts with him. I began having nightmares and became depressed, and this wasn’t helpful as I was in year 12 at the time. However, within 3 months of working there, I noticed his name was crossed off the roster because he had resigned.

But this wasn’t the last time I encountered a disturbed co-worker but will be mentioned later…

There was another guy at Macca’s called Robbie. He had the thickest Scottish accent which made him impossible to understand in a loud kitchen. He screwed up so many times it was unbelievable. He sent out burgers without some ingredients and in some cases even without the meat. Kylie was the boss from hell, she look sweet and innocent from the outside but in reality she was the devil incarnate. And she would come out the back with the ruined burgers and would yell at him, but even after 3 or 4 lectures, he still wouldn’t get the message.

One of the most unbelievable things I witnessed occurred when I was on a shift. Robbie had actually dropped a burger on the ground, but then proceeded by putting it back on the bench and continued making it, but what made this worse was the fact that a customer saw the whole thing. I could not freakin’ believe it… I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or be disgusted so I was all three. For that, he only got a warning (3 strikes and you’re out) and from then on he was mostly given jobs out the back washing up.

A few weeks later, I was working on the line with a high-pitched lazy little brat called Brett. It was busy and I dropped a burger on the ground, I picked it up and was walking to the bin when Bret said “Don’t worry, just keep working on it”… I couldn’t bloody believe it, he actually justified serving a burger that actually fell on the freakin’ ground. I said “You can’t be serious it fell on the ground!”. He shrugged it off and kept working as I tossed the disgraced burger in the bin.
Another time, I working only with Brett during one of the busiest periods when he said “I’ll be back in a sec I just need to grab something from the fridge”. So he left, but he was taking longer than expected (It takes literally 25 seconds to grab something from the fridge). He came back 20 MINUTES LATER! While I was working my ass off on the line. He tried to burrow his way out of the situation many times during my employment whenever it became too challenging to him.

The girls working on the front counter were completely dim-witted. One time one of the girls accidently pushed the silent alarm and a bunch of cops rocked up. It was hilarious and the managers had to sincerely apologize.

During the early stages of my employment, I had been rostered on for a morning shift. I hadn’t been trained for morning shifts as the training wasn’t completely thorough. I rocked up to work and had told one of the managers that I had never done a morning shift before. She responded by exclaiming “What! You’ve never done a morning shift before! Why not”. I told her that it wasn’t in the training and she laughed at me and discouragingly offered her help as it would inconvenience her morning of sitting on her backside talking to the other manager. What made it worse was that there was no-one rostered on with me for an hour during the busy breakfast period and the manager offered little support.
On another morning, I was rostered on with this other kid. However, I could tell he wasn’t quite right because he always asked me to repeat myself and he was slow to react and work. He was quite obviously stoned (I don’t know how he managed that so early in the morning) and the manager acknowledged it but couldn’t give two stuffs. Now, I don’t have a problem with what people do with their recreational time, but when you come to work stoned it doesn’t help me at all during a rush period.

Now comes to what was possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever encountered in the workplace. Me and this kid were working on the line one day, and with absolutely no exaggeration, he began saying “You’re such a faggot”. At first I thought he was talking to himself because he wasn’t looking at me. But he continued so I said “excuse me?”, and to that he he kept saying that and other insults so I said “Man, you’ve got to stop saying that it’s not right”. After that he stopped, but while I was on the line, he placed his hand on my stomach and had wrapped his arm around my waist and back as he was walking around the corner. After that, I wanted to vomit, and it was a real double-take moment, but for the rest of the shift he didn’t say or do anything else. Because of this I justified not making a complaint because I thought he wouldn’t do anything again. This proved to be right but I still wish I said something.

Kylie was the nastiest piece of work in the establishment. She didn’t like me but I didn’t know why. I worked bloody hard, but when she was around I felt the pressure and I would make mistakes that she would pick me up for. Once during a very busy lunch period, I was shovelling out burgers faster than a machine but she walked past and said, “why isn’t the water in the wash cloth bucket changed?”. This pissed me off as she was doing diddly-squat and she could take the damn initiative to do the job herself.

She continued to dislike me, until one day I was on shift, and none of the other guys had shown up for the shift. I spent an hour by myself during an extremely busy lunch period, which is hard to compare to something to those who don’t understand the difficultly of this. However, during this period, Kylie became surprisingly nice, only because she knew that I was taking all that crap.

I had become very sick of working at McDonald’s that I had actually drafted my letter of resignation after 5 months, however, I didn’t want to quit because 1. 5 months work wouldn’t look that great on a resume 2. I needed the money and 3. I don’t like to give up, and during some of the calmer times, I actually liked working there. However, I handed in my letter of resignation after 9 months with not so much as a ‘goodbye’ from the management. But I am much happier because of it, and I have made a promise not to take the slightest ounce of crap from anyone.