The Good, the Bad, the Ugly at McDonald’s Store Australia

I’ve worked at a very busy McDonald’s store in Australia for around a year and a half. In my time there I’ve certainly seen the good, the bad and, not surprisingly, the ugly.

Of course you have the perils of horrible customers, a far from glamourous working environment and the regular insults to your intelligence from self-important middle management, however, it’s not without it’s perks. A store which literally never closes offers unrivaled flexibility in hours and a convenient escape from family Christmas Day celebrations. The simplistic repetitive tasks are also the perfect opportunity to practise some Buddhist mindfullness.

What I’ve found most valuable in my job though is the diversity in the customers I’ve served. I’ve taken orders from people in luxury cars, as well as cars with evidence of the backseat doubling as a bed. Not every organisation has such a broad customer base and as a seasoned ‘people watcher’ it’s often what helps me get through a long shift.

Like most things, it’s not for everybody but if you’re willing to have a positive attitude and want a job with next to no responsibility, it’s definitely a good option.