ER Scribe Job… A Total Nightmare

I was just recently hired for a scribe position at a hospital where I live. A scribe for those of you who might not know is a person who works closely with a doctor, follows them throughout their shift, see’s all their patients with them, and completes all the charts for those patients for them.

I was “trained” for 5 days. The first 3 days went great and I was doing everything on my own and having a good experience. However, I had a different trainer for the last two of my training shifts and the trainer I had was just so stern, uncompromising, unhelpful, and plain discouraging. On my fifth day of training I just had two questions and so I asked her and her reply was “I should not be helping you, you should be doing all this by yourself already.” Then during my shift she would wait for the doctor to leave and say things like “you are not going fast enough, you should be going faster, I need you to speed up…” Then I asked her about anything I should change or practice for my next shift and she looked at me so angrily and said “well if you do anything like you did today your gonna drown, study, study, study.”

So here I am tonight is my first solo shift with no one there to help me and I feel like I’m going into this with only 3 real days of training. I feel like the last two days were just an anxious, confusing mess. I feel so nauseous and anxious about going into the ED that I’ve even contemplated quitting. I was so looking forward to this job and learning so much and becoming good at it and now I feel like I’ll fall flat on my face. I’m also nervous about interacting with the nurses and other people in the ED because I have not met them. They do not offer additional training after the 5th shift so I’m out of luck there. Also I’ve only worked with two doctors so I’m nervous about working with this doctor whom I have not met yet, who might be expecting me to be as fast paced as the “seasoned” scribes. What should I do guys? I’m so discouraged about the ED that I really do not want to even go in tonight…ugh…pray for me wish me luck?