Saying this Loud: Mcdonalds job is CRAPPY!

I started working at Mcdonalds around Dec. It’s been 2 months working there and I hate it. I get treated like crap all the time. Mainly from my managers. One of my managers is a devil worshiper no JOKE. He has tattoos all over his arms and neck that have triple 6 and his knuckles tattoos say satan. It’s so creepy. ┬áHe has a stank attitude. The other managers are annoying too and rude. This one time, I was assigned to do front counter which is the register, and there had to be about 10 people maybe more waiting in line to order. I was taking care of that, and I didn’t have a runner which is the person who puts the food in the bags or trays. So.. After I had finished up with the people’s orders I ran to do the running – My manager comes out from the back and makes a huge scene infront of the other employees and customers and she says ” What are you doing? You’re suppose to be on register. Go up in front, I got this.” So i’m like saying to her” yeah well no one was here, and these people are waiting… so I wanted to help.” So this bitch flips out on me infront of everyone saying how ” this isn’t my job, i’m ONLY suppose to be on register at all times.” & I said, “whatever you right whatever.. I don’t even care..” and she says ” you know what fuck it go home. go home right now i’m writing you up.” and I was like standing there infront of everyone in disbelief that I almost lost my job for “HELPING” what the fudge? Who gets in trouble for crap like that, besides me. Than I really hate when customers say they ordered this or that, when they didn’t they just want real food.

Another time my head manager came out to the counter were I was taking orders and was yelling at me because I wasn’t smiling! YES SMILING! like omg, get a life.. really smiling. & I got written up for that. Mcdonalds is a bunch of crap & the people I work around are fake. They talk crap about everyone up there but as soon as you stick up for someone you’re the weirdo or the one no one wants to talk to anymore. & I hate when I first come in, they bitch at me to take the trash out. I’m a girl. Taking out the trash shouldn’t be a girls job. Because I know damn well if my managers who are girls were to do it they wouldn’t. & I hate hate hate all of my managers. I keep getting in trouble for the most dumbest crap. Either i’m not smiling, or not putting napkins in the bags, or i didn’t stock the sauces or a customer bitches to me about how they didn’t want pickles on their sandwich its’ like listen here you fucking bitch(customer) when i was up here taking ur order you didn’t fucking ask to take off pickles. But as soon as my manager comes you wanna lie and GET me in trouble. I hate people like that, and it happens all the time. & I have to be at work in about 1hour and I don’t even wanna deal with them.

I can’t wait to quit and I can’t wait to become rich & famous cause once I do I’m putting Mcdonalds on blast I’m snitching on all of them, and I would never ever work at mcdonalds ever again. You get treated like pure shit. Especially for helping. It’s ridiculous and I hate how I get to work like 2 out of 7 days of the week for stupid ass 5hours. WTF how is that gonna pay my bills. & I’m only 20 and I don’t wanna work there for the rest of the year of 2012. Mcdonalds can suck ass I hate my managers and I hate how they treat people with no respect. & I sometimes just wanna yell at customers so badly, they talk to me like i’m not educated. Like who does that? If you treat me with respect i’ll do it as well. I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of Mcdonalds and everything.

Goodbye >:(