Nursing Life and Everything that Comes with It!


I have been a nurse for seven years and HATE the hospital as well!  No help, no lunch or dinner. Can’t drink because you don’t have time to go to the bathroom. When you finally feel like you are going to pass out, you go into the kitchen and shove something down your throat. I am not only the nurse, but also expected to be the CNA,garbage woman, transporter, lab, secretary etc. There is NEVER enough help. I end up doing CNA work myself because by the time you find the CNA she is either busy, out for a smoke, or gives you an attitude. The hospitals don’t care that someone’s family member hasn’t been turned all night or is sitting in a dirty diaper or hasn’t gotten pain meds cause you just got a post op and a new admission and your other 6 patients have issues( low blood sugar, low 02 sat).

The hospitals only take notice if something really goes wrong like if someone dies or complains.  No one cares that you have so much paperwork that by the time you’re done and round on your patients you hope and pray they are still breathing. By the time your shift is done, which is usually an hour late because there is always some disaster that takes place before you are able to leave, you spend your time in the car worrying about what you didn’t do or if you missed something. And then you don’t sleep because you have anxiety about what the next horrible shift will bring!!

Oh yeah, great job, surely worth mid 30’s an hour! Not!! At least you’ll know you will always have a job because there is always someone to quit. I have worked at numerous different hospitals and it is no different anywhere.

Anyway, now I am doing home care and somewhat happier. Pay is a little lower, but at least I have my sanity!!
I would NEVER recommend anyone to become a nurse!!! So all of you in nursing school or who think the profession is so great, talk to me in a couple years and we will see how you feel then!!