Respiratory Therapist Unfairly Blamed for Death

I don’t live in America, so our job description is a little different then yours.

We mostly work with ventilated patients, but we trouble shoot monitors and other medical equipment. We are technicians, and therapists.

Anyways, I get a call at 1 am saying the HFO isn’t working on a 2 year old. Little did I know then that two days before the doctor gave the baby a pneumothorax. I won’t go into all the details,but I was dealing with a very ill baby.

I arrived at the ICU Peds unit and there was the doctor ambu-bagging the baby,and the nurse saying the vents not working. She said it works fine with the cork that we need to test it with, but not on the baby. I preformed the test on the vent. It works fine. I connected the baby to the vent, and yes, it wasn’t vibrating the child. The doctor said take it off. Goes back to ventilating the baby. I check the vent again, change a few membranes, hook the patient back up, and yes the same thing. By now the young doctor is going crazy and so are the nurses. I ran upstairs to get another HVO to hook the baby up and the same thing. I keep telling the doctor, check the baby, it’s not the ventilator. NO she said the baby is ok, the problem isn’t the the baby. She wouldn’t listen.

In short the baby coded and died. Both vents worked fine. The doctor was fixed on only one vent could help the baby. She never tried to re-intubate the kid. They baby was bradycardia when being ambued.

Now who is in trouble? Me. She told the parents that the ventilator stopped working. Idiot… The case will be brought up now. I feel like leaving, but I won’t .

At this point I want to see the doctor get hers. Not nice, not my style, but that’s how it is. This country is too little to look for another job. I have been really upset since this has happened.