Fry’s Accessories Sales: Worst Job Ever

When I graduated from college my first job was in retail. Fry’s Electronics, how I loathe this word. I landed the job by asking cafeteria worker if Fry’s was hiring. I basically talked to the manager and filled out an application. Then got hired.

The training was a lame 1960s video, which had nothing relating to the job. Basically, I was put on the floor the first day. I was an accessories sales associate. My job consisted of stocking shelves and helping customers.

It just happens that my bosses were uneducated and worked at Fry’s for a very long time. I truly believe they also hated their jobs, but they made good money now because they are managers and supervisors.

The thing I hated about Fry’s was schematics basically tearing the Aisle down and placing the products like how corporate wants it. In addition, I didn’t get paid to translate my own language. They made me do it. If not, the customer would get frustrated and pissed off.

I was on my feet the entire shift and I would knock out in my car before and after work. My feet would ache because I would have to wear dress shoes. This is by far the worst job and most terrible job I ever had at a physical level.

If I was doing well I would possibly get promoted to sales, which paid on commission. But if the product was on sale, there would be zero commission. As salesmen you have to sell insurance or you make no money. Some salesmen made six figures and some made enough to get by. Around 10 to 15 an hour. This job totally sucked and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do it.

Plus most of the employees knew nothing about the products they were selling. Plus, everyone at the retail floor was rude and unprofessional. Cursing in front of customers, but I don’t blame them because the job is very stressful. In addition, the pay is crap.