In Depth Perspective from a Small Business Owner

After reading several stories I thought it would be beneficial for most of the story writers to read what it’s like to manage a bunch of disgruntled and ungrateful men and women.

Being at the top means having to put up with lots of whining, constant asking for more money, time off, re hiring for those that do quit, and personal problems of employees just to name a few issues that come up from employees. None of this has anything to do with generating money to keep a business in business or making sure expenses are kept down so the business stays in business.

I run a small business of around 50-100 employees and most employees are like the rest of the posters. Here’s a little tip from a business owners stand point. I notice those that don’t wine, I appreciate and I promote those that don’t ask, I Smile at those employees that drive me nuts because I can’t tell them how I really feel and how over my dinner with my family I think about how I can replace employees like that.

If your not happy at a job, then quit. Employees like most on here are a disease in any company and a disease in America. You have three choices, one: work for a small company, two: work for a large company or three: work for yourself and own your own business. Any of the three choices can create lots of resentment. Rest assured, your employer probably doesn’t appreciate you anymore than you appreciate them.

Owning a business would be fun if I didn’t have to manage a bunch of resentful ungrateful employees.