The Nursing Profession: Not What I Expected

So I know, that title says a lot huh? I’m kinda all over the place with that one. I suppose I should start from the top. I spent 2 HARD years and 25K obtaining my BSN, and finally graduated in Dec ‘10. Whoopty whoop! The hard work is over I thought, “Girl you have JOB security now” is what people kept saying. All I heard about was the sign on bonuses, the RN shortages, and the millions of job openings for nurses in the USA.

I was “guaranteed” a position at a local hospital, interviewed for 3 positions. The first RN manager didn’t even look at me during the interview, the second said I wasn’t “bubbly” enough, the third wanted someone excited about being a floor nurse for like ever. Fine, I applied for other jobs. Applied for a psych job, thinking it was full time as it stated when I applied, nope, it’s PRN, what the heck! I NEED BENEFITS!  ”Oh, you’ll get at least 30 hrs per week, we need help”. Time went on, by my 3rd month as a PRN psych RN, I had NO HOURS and STUDENT LOANS TO PAY! Even now, it seems that no one is interested in hiring a new RN.

SO on to my PRN job. The nurses backbite, and the techs…honey, I suppose they have management skills because they try to tell ME what to do, well I’m the charge RN on nights when I’m there, so I steer the ship. And when I have to put them in line, they get a severe attitude. The RNs are super lazy. I’m a new RN, so I’m excited about nursing, and GRATEFUL to have a job, even if it IS PRN. I try to help when needed, I even do the techs job to help them when short a tech. When I tell them it’s time to pick up and get back to doing their jobs when we’re full staffed, I get attitude. How dare I suggest that they do their jobs! The training I received was not enough, they rushed me through orientation because they had to pay me for orientation, and it cost too much.

I’m thinking nursing was a bad choice because we’re in a recession. They lie to us in nursing school, sell us BIG inflated dreams of job security, it isn’t so in this age of continual economic recession. Old nurses coming out of retirement, hospital cutting cost by slashing new grad programs and decreasing the number of new grads they hire. Where is the nurse shortage? Every job I see wants a nurse with at LEAST 1 year of experience. Well I reckon they better get to digging ols Florence Nightingale outta the grave and get her to working along with other RN’s who’ve passed.

All I want is a full time RN position. I work hard, I’m dedicated, I love people, and I’m passionate about being a long term member and asset to some health facility. Why will no one hire me? Why all the lies for nursing school? And why all the attitude from co workers!