Uncertainties about My Nursing future.. Lost

When I was younger, all I cared about was animals. I persuaded everyone around me that I was going to be a vet. Times changed, I grew up, and people became my number one priority. I am very outgoing, I love helping others, and I figured heck-why not nursing! Plus I can handle blood, guts, medical terminology. My mother’s side of the family is basically all nurses. I was surrounded by medical professions which allowed me to make the decision even easier. In high school, I attended a career center my last two years for medical technology. My teacher was also a nurse at the local hospital. I felt like I was happy to have everything figured out.

This was until college started. A semester into school now and THANKFULLY I have only finished with some prerequisites. I work in a hospital on the med/surg (nursing) floors. I see first hand what nurses encounter. Let me just say, that was an eye opening experience in itself. I am only a few days over a month into a job that I absolutely hate. I have talked to a staff member at the hospital about my feelings and thankfully they offered some advice.

I am grateful enough that I saw BEFORE I went through nursing school that this isn’t for me. I’ve learned the job duties of the nurses and aids on the floor. I have mixed emotions about quite a few things and will choose not to go into detail about all of what I dislike, but stumbling across a post on this site from way back in 2001…that says pretty much a lot of it.

I am stuck. My passion is children, (newborns!); however; I don’t wish to complete nursing school for midwife, obstetrician, pediatric nurse, any of that. I have looked heavily into lactation consulting because it interests me, but it has been hard to find willing mentors in my area. A career with infants and children doesn’t even have to be medical-that’s my problem. Everyone suggests something along those lines. I suppose I am freaking out right about now, young-one semester of college down…and no path to take. I don’t know what to do about next semester. My thoughts are running rapid, and my emotions are just as flustered.

Thank you to all who took the time to read this post. Have a great day, and god bless (: