Sandusky is the capital of Hell…Cedar Point Job

So I’m a college kid, just looking to make a few bucks to lessen the bust of my tuition. My dad’s girlfriend suggested I apply for the BEST SUMMER JOB OF ALL TIME at America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast. So I pull out the handy dandy laptop and apply online for Cedar Point Amusment Park. Within a few weeks, I get a call from head honcho of the foods service office. Without a second thought, I accepted the job. I was just so excited at the time, because I had no other prospects of work. I was desperate. Everyone was so excited that I was going to be working at the greatest amusement park in the WORLD. Even I was at first. I get to the job and start working….

What aspects of my job do I hate? One word: guests. I freakin’ hate guests. And I get to deal with 40 thousand of them a day! Every single day, no less than a thousand people insist on bitching to ME that the prices are so high. For christ’s sake, people, you’re in an amusment park, of course prices are going to be high. If you don’t want to pay $7.50 for some chicken fingers and fries, than go to McDs and leave me alone. And if that doesn’t work, stupidity will. On our menu it specifically says that it comes with the HOT DOG and FRIES. Yet, guests never once fail to ask me what’s in the hot dog basket. Then you get the people who don’t decide what they want until they’re next to be waited on, and then they act all surprised when you ask for their order and have to take 20 minutes to decide whether or not they want a hot dog or chicken. And then there’s all the freakin’ kids. I mean, kids are great and all, just not when they’re hungry. And they’re so god damn picky. Well, enough about that. And whose idea was it to give cashiers WADS of money. You’re the one that stuffed it into your god damn pocket, why can’t YOU unfold it. We ALL know how bad customers get. Let’s talk about management.

Superiority is seperated by the color of your name tag. There are light green tags (ages 14+15) dark green tags (16+17) red tags (18+ worker bees) blue tags (supervisors) double blue tags (specialty + area supervisors) and silver tags (…bosses). I’m a red tag. Currently, I have 7 bosses. Two supervisors, 3 area supervisors, and 2 big bosses. If an employee has done something wrong in a stand, you WILL hear from 6 other people telling you that you’re doing something wrong. You don’t answer to one person, you answer to 17. It just gets annoying. In the entire park there are over 60 different food service locations. If at one particular part in the day my stand is slow, or another stand is getting SLAMMED by guests, any of my 104 supervisors can automatically send me away to a different stand to work. And not only am I working with new people and a different kind of food and location, but I’m expected to perform my job absolutely perfect and with a smile on my face. It doesn’t seem to bother them a tad bit, they pretty much treat us like mindless drones. I’m sorry, but I don’t really work all that well when I have no confidence in what I’m doing.

Let’s talk about guest service. Cedar Point THRIVES on superb guest service. I will easily admit that Cedar Point has the ‘happiest’ and friendlist staff of all amusement parks. Why? Because management practically puts a gun to our heads and tell us to smile. Atleast once a week, we’ll get news that the big big boss is in our area, and that he’s firing people that aren’t smiling. And that’s so dead serious. Someone from my stand got fired yesterday. It’s not her fault her father was in a serious car accident and she found it really hard to be extremely happy. We’re supposed to talk to our guests from the minute they approach us to the moment their out of our view, with no empty space to take a breath in between those two times. And half the time guests are too busy bitching at us to even NOTICE that we’ve been on our feet for ten hours already, and our supervisor is behind us whispering “…smile, damnit.” in our ear. Sometimes I like to go in back and beat my head against the brick wall. That usually makes me feel better.

Now let’s talk about grooming. Grooming can get pretty bad sometimes. All white socks, all white shoes, always wear a belt, always be completely clean shaven, no beards, mustaches or goatees allowed, never take your hat off while in uniform, if outside of the park in uniform, you must be in COMPLETE uniform guidelines and can not use harshh language, can’t spit smoke or eat on the midway, can’t hug each other or shake hands on the midway, and there’s a current rule in effect that states you can’t breathe on the midway or make eye contact with guests on the midway. I know, it seems pretty lame that I complain about all these little things. But it’s the tons and tons of little things that make me want to bitch.

The ONLY thing that rocks about my job is the people. I LOVE my crew. I love my two unit supervisors. They’re all great people and great friends. Our stand is known as the drug store because half of us are always self medicated for good reason. I prefer my stash of Prozac, Vioxx and pain killers. We know how to have a good time and in between dinner rushes and taking orders, we try to keep our sanity. But at the end of the day, I feel as if I’ve done nothing to better myself or anything else for that matter. There’s plenty of room to move up in the company, and it’s rather easy. I was offered a supervisor position not more than a week ago, but swiftly turned it down. I’m smarter than that. If it weren’t for the people I work with at Cedar Point, I would have quit and blown up the park on my out.

So, over all. Cedar Point is NOT the greatest summer job of all the time. It’s probably one of the worsts summer jobs of all times. Long, long hours, horrible management and dumbass guests. Yes. If you’re a guest, I gauruntee you’re a dumbass. Look at it from our point of view and you’ll understand. I don’t care if you OWN the park, if you’re in the park in civilian clothes, I probably hate you for some reason or another. And it doesn’t help that I work in the very back of the park and walk a mile and a half THROUGH you stupid guests to get to and from work every day/night. The only thing cool about working at Cedar Point are most of co workers and being able to ride the Millenium Force before work in the morning.