The Other Sides of the Modelling World

Ring Ring, hello… “It’s 5am, where in the sam hell are you!?!?” Oh, hey Bill. Don’t worry – I’m leaving now. Bill is my agent; he gets me all my jobs. Right now I’m on my way to do a shoot for some catalog.

Ya see, people think models have these glamorous lifestyles who do not know what real work is. Yea, it has its perks, but, like any job, it can be stressful and downright terrible at times.

I got into this lifestyle about 10 years ago (I’m 27 now). It was strange how it happened. I was just eating in the food court at my local mall when I was approached by some fat blonde wearing a nike jump suit holding a clip board in her hand.

For some reason, I already knew what she wanted. Hey… I’m so and so with so and so agency…would you like to come in for an interview. I politely declined and said no thanks. Well, if you change your mind here’s my card. I’m sorry, but I’m really not interested. She was kind of persistent, so I gave in and took the card.

I thought it be funny just to give the card to some hobo on the street and tell him to call her, but I ended up calling her that night. I figured they were going to get me to come and tell me I could make all this money, but I would have to PAY THEM to represent me. TIP to all you young aspiring models- DO NOT PAY ANY AGENCY TO REPRESENT YOU! They are lying to you. All they want is to fill your head up with the same ol’ bullshit American Idol feeds their viewers. If a modeling agency wants to represent you, they will NEVER ask you to pay anything.

So, long story short, I go in the next day for the interview. This tall red-head lady who looks like a villain from a cartoon comes in the room and asks to take off my shirt. I’m like, WHAT!?!?! She said I need to see your abs, chest and your hands. After a brief pause, I said wtf and took it off. Yep!! You’ll be perfect for the so and so gig tomorrow.

She then tells me to go with the fat blonde and sign some paperwork. The fat blonde gives me a contract that basically says they get 5% from everything I make. Please Sign on the dotted line… What’s the catch, I ask – No catch, except we can terminate your contract whenever we feel like it. What she is really saying is… once I get old, fat, yadda yadda, I’ll be cut and out of work.

So, that’s how I got started. Now, what people may not know is that runway and some, but not all commercial print models, have to keep a certain weight at ALL TIMES. That means all the guys and girls have to… yep, you guessed it – throw up after we eat. This happens every day btw. I usually do it twice a day – once after b-fast, and once after dinner. My contract states I have to be 160 pounds at all times.

If throwing up isn’t bad enough, we also have to work-out every day for 3-4 hours a day. I’ll admit, it’s not that bad, but it can suck big time if you only get 3 hours of sleep every night.

For me, at 27, I’m considered ancient. I also know that in the next year or two, I’ll be out of work, because I’m losing my hair and I’m getting lazy. My esophagus is also messed up after all those years of puking up food. The acid from my stomach has left little holes inside my throat.

So, if this is the lifestyle you would like to get into take some advice:

Don’t do drugs!

Do not have unprotected sex! (88% of the models you see on tv have stds).

Do NOT show up late to a photo shoot. It’ll cost you and your agency thousands of dollars. They will also hate you forever for it!

This should be obvious by now, but in-case it isn’t, NEVER pay anyone to represent you. *the agency will pay for EVERYTHING if they are interested in you.* I mean EVERYTHING!

If you do happen to become a model, expect to work in the industry for about 5-10 yrs. Try and make as much as you can, because once your looks fade, the money will too.

The perks about this job is you get to meet assholes and more assholes… oops I mean you get to meet all kinds of different/interesting people. You also get to keep EVERYTHING you wear from your shoots (really nice and expensive clothing). You will bring home a nice pay check. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot more out, but you get the point!