Preservation Company Worker is the Worst job Ever

I am working with a Preservation Company and it sucks. I have worked in some very high level professional roles and am not used to this kind of environment at all.

Owner burps, farts and curses like crazy. Constant F bombs being dropped. His wife is just as bad. Last week she brow beat me because I didn’t answer my PERSONAL cell phone. Now mind you I have used my PERSONAL cell phone for their business for the last year. It had an issue and when she came in the office the first thing she did was give me grief because I was working banking hours and not answering her call. SO, I smarted off and told her to get a phone in the office if she wanted me chained to the desk. She started screaming the F word, slamming doors and being a complete CU Next Tuesday kinda gal… all in front of a 9 year old child.

They smoke in the office and I smell like a nasty ash tray every day when I leave. I am praying I get fired as I hate this place and there are so many violations that I can prove that there will be NO issue getting work comp.

I have held HIGH level positons but am a glorified paper pusher for a drunk red neck right now. I should have NEVER taken this job as it is definitely the worst job I’ve ever had in my 20 years of working. So glad I graduated from college in the top of my class and ran multi million dollar businesses to go to work for a repo / preservation company where I push papers and answer phones all day. Wow, what a career bust this has been!

Thanks for letting me vent as this is definitely an all time low for me… I’d quit if I didn’t still have two college loans that need to be paid off for my children.

I recently started working a contract role in the evenings that is GREAT but it is only 15 hours a week so it’s not quite enough to quit the other job. I have stomach aches, headaches and lots of other aches just thinking about having to go back to the hell hole tomorrow.

It’s not too bad as long as the owner’s wife stays away but she has to come up every day because she controls the cash and his account. Nobody can buy a pencil as that’s what she does. Ridiculous….. and the owner doesn’t even like his wife. He says HORRIBLE things about her when she’s not there. He called her a fat ass today while she was in the office. He didn’t say it in front of her but just the same he shouldn’t be telling me that stuff and I definitely don’t care about their “lack of” sex life.

I am so glad my husband and I have a great relationship and are NOTHING like these red necks.