Uptight, Unhappy People in Hospital Administration

I see a lot of nurses complain on here and I just have to share that life in Administration sucks too! People are unhappy, snooty, uptight, and will shred you in a moment’s notice.

I busted my butt in school for many years to achieve my place here, only to find it is utterly disappointing. I was sickened when I saw how they ganged up on one poor occupational therapist for a supposed “violation” that turned out to be nothing. Really? 8 against 1? What a bunch of useless bullies. But it’s all about compassion right? Wrong.

Administration cares nothing about their own employees, let alone the sick patients that come into their facility. Also, unless you are a director are in a chief position don’t be surprised if you only make $30,000 a year. And don’t get me started on the politics! Healthcare really is an abomination these days. I’ve bailed on it and have gone into an entirely different industry. Good riddance to the jerks in Administration, get out now if you haven’t already.