Fast Food Job is Bad for the Health

I am a fast food worker and have been for 5 years. During college, I decided to work at one to gain extra money to keep me afloat. I was crew and of course it fine at first. The restaurant at the time was slow and I basically felt that my minimum wage pay out was worth it.

The corporation remodeled their menu and BAM we are busy as hell out of nowhere. I am not complaining about being busy; in fact, in my mind I believed (coming from my managers) that the more money we made the more raises were given out. WRONG. No matter how slow or how busy we were I have ALWAYS been a hard worker and still am. I am now a shift manager and have been since I graduated college last year. I make eight bucks an hour to bust my ass, get harassed by customers, and don’t get a single full break during an 8-9 hour shift because according to my boss I am a manager and I no longer reserve the right to even a 15 minute break. I live in NY and the labor laws are tight here and I still only manage to get maybe 5 minutes for a cigg and that’s about it.

I have been burned out from this job for so long now and the eight dollars an hour I get is not worth the effort I put in to make things ideal. I have panic attacks, crying jaggs, and I am so irritable because of my worthless, incompetent boss and the way he runs things while he sits on his fat ass most the day playing on the internet. The stress has spilled over so bad that customers can clearly see I can barely deal with it. I even get yelled at once in a great while for being bitchy. I agree with these customers. I shouldn’t be acting in any way rude to anyone. I want the customers to have a great experience and I wish they could understand the shit I deal with daily. New problems or old problems every day. Most of the time, I force myself to be friendly because I am a nice person but I am usually a miserable young woman acting and putting on a nice show for the customer so I don’t have to deal with any hardships from them.

I’ve worked 11 day stretches without a day off. I have covered useless employees shifts a million times. I have had 4 different GM’s in the last 5 years and each one gets worse after the last.

Recently, my owner (who is a cheap jerk that runs 8 stores but can’t manage to give the hardworking employees a raise) posted online 2 shift manager full time positions that need to be filled immediately. Oddly enough, sounds a lot like my title and my shifts. Funny thing is, he claims they will make anywhere from 8-12 dollars an hour. I have been there 5 years and have managed to only be promoted to 8 dollars and they consider that good and a lot of money.

Worse thing is at my Fast food job, we get as little as 2 to 3 people working for a lunch. You alone are working as 3 other people within a fast pace. All because the cheap owners don’t want to pay out or let labor go above 20. It’s ridiculous and if they fire me, I hope I may have the opportunity to better my life. It’s hard when you apply to the better jobs and there are none there for you because of our stupid economy and greedy assholes that run our country into the ground. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way.