A Story of a 14 Year Old Overworked Mcdonald’s Worker

Don’t ever work for fast food., especially when the manager is a sad 19 year old high school drop out who looks 30 and is currently on a mid-life crisis and is therefore taking out her angst on 14 year old girls like me.

I worked from McDonalds from March and only recently quit in the the end of June. The way they treated me was horrible. I was blamed for things I didn’t do; I was verbally abused; I was expected to do things I wasn’t trained in; and then I was yelled at for making mistakes. I was expected to stand up for 4 and a half hours every Saturday with no breaks, cleaning the floors, putting up with customers rude remarks, taking ten kg bins down to dark alleys, and then straining my back changing them. I was paid$7 an hour, which is pretty good compared to other people, but the work I did was 10x harder.

The first day I got there, they were just like: “Here’s the register, Talyah will show you how to use it.” So I stand there for about 2 minutes trying to work this thing out, but I can’t so I ask Talyah and she’s like “just improvise.” Because she was more experienced than me, I did what she told me to, but I kept giving the customers the wrong orders, so I asked her for her help again. She ignored me. By this time the manager came back to check how I was going, and when she saw me struggling, she got frustrated and was just like “ok, you’ve had enough, go to dining. Talyah will show you.” In my head I was just like: “Talyah isn’t going to show me anything.” SO I go to dining, and she hands me 3 bin bags, and tells me to go change the bins. No gloves. At this stage the bins were purging with half eaten burgers mixed with coke. When I asked her for gloves, she was just like, “You’ll do.”

At this stage I was already hating my job. Not because I didn’t like the job, but because I wasn’t given clear instructions on what to do. Soon my shift was over and I went home.

The week after that, I was roostered from 4-9, ON A THURSDAY, despite me clearly telling them that I wont work pst 7 on a school night & that I won’t work for more than 4 hours at a time at all. However, this was one of my first shifts so I unwillingly accepted. This time the manager put me on dining again, and every 5 minutes she would call me to get her cups, when the storage room was closer to her. HFDKJSH. [sorry, this is making me very emotional]. After two hours of tiresome bin changing, mopping the floors, cleaning the table, scraping the gum off the bottom of the tables, putting my hand in the bin to squash it down, I ask her if I can go on the register now because I was very tired. She said yes. So I go on the register, and after 5 minutes, as I was slowly getting the hang of it she was like: “you know what, go back to dining.” SHE GAVE ME NO REASON AS TO WHY SHE WANTED ME BACK TO DINING, or what I did wrong, all she said was “go back.”

By this point I was furious, so I took the big red bins down to the dark alley covered with rats, and tried to spend as long as possible there. When I go back, she tells me make a medium fries for her because she needs to pee. I told her I needed to wash my hands, but she was just like: “quickly, we dont have all day.” So I relulctantly did it for her, and I apologized to the customer in my mind for giving her those fries. [sorry]. I went home with a strained back.

All my shifts after this were on Saturdays for 4.5 Hours. About two months afer my fisrt shift, I plead again, just as I do about every other week, if I could use the register, and you know what she said? “You’re not experienced enough.” How am I supposed to be experienced if you wont train me, huh?, How am I supposed to know what to do. So I ask her if there is anything else I could do, and she tells me to fill up the fry machine. Because I thought she would think I’m useless, I fill it up, not knowing what the hell I’m doing. I wasn’t trained properly. GAHH.

This is was my first job, I didn’t know how the whole work thing works & you still hired me despite this. Manager, I have urged you many times that I was inexperienced, yet you still choose to hire me, and then you neglect to teach me the necessities. If you wanted someone experienced, who knew what they were doing WHY DIDNT YOU HIRE SOMEONE ELSE. What, did you want to save 2.50 an hour which child labour?