McDonald’s Employee – Miserable at McDonald’s

Oh my god. I have been working in McDonalds for 5 months so far, and I’ve only been on the front counter 3 fucking times.

The first time was for 5 minutes on my first day. Jess didn’t even bother explaining to me how to use it and just said: “You’re on front counter.” After about 5 minutes she got annoyed with me and sent me straight to dining. I asked her why, and she said: “You are too slow.” WELL FUQ YOU! It was my first fucking day you skank. How the hell am I supposed to know how to use the machine if you don’t fucking tell me how. I’ve never done this before. I have no experience. I’m not some 19 year old high-school drop out like you who has nothing better to do with her life so she makes fricking burgers all day. It doesn’t have to be an in-detail description, just a small guide maybe? PLEASE?

Okay, so maybe she was annoyed at me, but she had no right to yell at me when I was on dining. When I was changing the bins, she was like: “OMFGZ, wtf are you doing, the bins are leaking.” WELL I CAN FUCKING SEE THAT. I HAVE EYES YOU FUCKER. YOU HEARD OF A MOP BITCH? Maybe if you had told me to take the whole bin rather than just the bag to the dumping area, this wouldn’t have happened? Maybe, just maybe if you explained to me, just once, how to do anything? GARHHHHHHHHHHH.

After about two months, she gave me a shift at the front counter. I was so happy that I didn’t have to change bins all day – so fucking happy I could cry. I’m not kidding. That was my second time. (Technically it was my first, because the first time was only for five minutes, and only one person ordered.) I wasn’t confident after Jess yelled at me the first time I did it. I kept pressing the wrong buttons on the machine, and some stupid system doesn’t let you change the order without the manager card. So every time I did that I had to call her, until she was extremely annoyed. FUCK YOU CUNT. (Sorry, had to get that out.)

She sent me to dining again for four hours, until I had back pains. Until my shirt was covered in bin juice. Until I could clean no more. After that day, I ws sure I was going to quit. The next time I did front counter was today. I did it for a total of 7 minutes and 55 seconds. Yes I kept a timer on my phone bcuz I felt like it. I was hoping she would let me stay on the counter for the remaining hour like my roster said I would. (Ok, I get why she took me off front counter the first two times – because my roster was for dining – but this time my roster was actually for a full 4 and a half hours of front counter.) BUT NO, SHE JUST COULDNT HANDLE ALL THE SLOWNESS OF ME. FUCKING HELL. She was like to me: “OMGZ honestly why are you so slow” and I WISH I said: “Honestly Jessica, impatience isn’t attractive on a 30 year old woman. How the fuq am supposed to be fast when I only did it one other time huh?”. I SWEAR, I FUCKING SWEAR. kjHD KJSHA.

Now she just makes me change bins 24/7. I am quiting tomorrow. I don’t see a reason why not to . Pay’s shit ($7.40/h), people are even worse, and I get blamed for things I didn’t do. Tell me a reason why I shouldn’t quit. Oh and I don’t know why but the apostrophies are coming out as like 3 slashes. I dont know why. Its not my fault. DONT BLAME ME JESS, DONT FUCKING BLAME ME.