Nurse – Do not ever become a NURSE!!!

I used to be a pretty happy, laid back person. Now I am a miserable nervous wreck. I directly attribute it to nursing. I have been an RN for almost 2 years and I hate it more than I could ever say. It is the worst thing I have ever decided to do in my life.

I was naive…. I wanted to help sick people and work with other nice/kind/caring people. Well, nursing school first clued me into the fact that I wouldn’t be working with people like that, then working after I finished school really let me know what kind of people I would actually be working with. I have worked with a very small number of awesome, kind, wonderful nurses. Sadly, I have worked with a huge number of evil fucking bitches, some of the nastiest, two-faced c^nts I have ever met in my life.

I work my ass off every time I go to work…… do I get any kind of recognition for it? No! In my lovely unionized workplace, do I get any kind of reward for being hard-working? No! I get to see the lazy, horrible senior nurses earning more than me for doing less work, purely for the fact that they’re older than me. I get shit from every direction – my bosses, hospital administrators, patients, families, doctors, and other staff. I get two-faced bitch co-workers, who are shitty at their job and lazy as fuck, anonymously reporting me to my boss for any little thing that I do wrong, even some stuff that they make up!!! And my fucking manager falls for it every time and I get shit, along with no opportunity to defend myself.

I try and be nice to everyone, while the evil little trolls that I work with sit around on their lazy asses being bitches to everyone, and I get labeled a “negative influence on staff morale”!!!! Fuck you!!!!!! I work my ass off for my patients, fore-going breaks, coming in early, leaving late, just to take good care of my patients, and what do I get for it? SHIT!!!!!!!! Something needs to be done for a patient, yet everyone claims that “it’s not my job.” Someone has to fucking do it!!!! So, who gets stuck with it? Me! I always tell people what my job description as a nurse is: I do whatever no one else wants to do. That’s my job. And generally it involves a lot of thankless fucking work. I never leave my home anymore because I suffer from massive anxiety. Every chance I get, I encourage people NOT to become nurses!

You know what I’m going to do from now on? The absolute minimum, just like all the other bitches that I work with. Why the fuck should I work myself to death, when no one else bothers to do it? I’m going to be like all of the other lazy bitches I work with – do the absolute minimum amount of work that I can, just to get by, and make complaints to management about all the other nurses. Why should I work hard? I don’t get any recognition for it. My patients, god love them, bitch and complain no matter how much I do for them. And doing nothing seems to be the professional thing for nurses to do right now, so I’m going to act like everyone else! Why break my back anymore? I’m not going to do it. I arrive exactly when I start getting paid, I leave when I stop getting paid, I do the bare minimum I can get away with, and I’m not doing everyone else’s job anymore. I’m doing my job and that is it. And as soon as I can get out of this hellhole of a “career”, and away from all the nasty bitches and shitty employers who don’t give a fuck, I’m gone!!! I can’t spend every day crying and feeling sick at the thought of going to work anymore.