A Hotel Receptionist Who Hate Her Job


I been working as a front desk receptionist for about 2 years in a 2 star old piece of crap hotel in Carmel, CA. I don’t even know why I’m still here because the pay SUCKS, only $9.50 an hour and that’s after two .25 cents raises that I’ve had in the past 2 years.┬áIt’s privately owned so of course we don’t get insurance, paid vacations, xmas bonuses, or even pay overtime. The owner is freaking cheap who at one point made us sign a paper promising that we wouldn’t eat his continental breakfast since he hates spending $ on it.

I also hate the fact that they think I love doing the extra work my manager doesn’t have time to do when I get pay exactly the same as the new girl who started 2 months ago SMH!!! (Pay me more and trust me I will do it with a happy face, assholes.) And why does she get the same pay? Well, maybe it is because the old man had a crush on her. Ugh, disgusting, since he could be her grandpa.

So if I’m not here for the money why am I here? Maybe because for the past 6 months, I been applying and nobody seems to be hiring. Grrr, this economy needs to improve. I hate that I get scheduled to work up to two weeks straight without even being asked if I’m ok working that much, and how I get warned every chance they get to not get pregnant like 2 of my coworkers who did this year.
AND for all these reasons and many more that would take me about a month to write….I FUCKING HATE MY JOB!!!!!!

But I will stay here until something better comes up :( hopefully soon!