A Broken ER Tech’s Work Experience

I have worked in the medical field in various positions for 12 years. 5 of those years as a nursing assistant with an agency. I have worked in extreme conditions in some of the worse nursing homes in a city that is listed in the top 3 worst cities to live in because of the crime. I also worked in hospice & would travel locally to homes to visit with terminally ill patients until I realized how unsafe I was.

I then became an EMT & went to work with a private ambulance company. I loved the freedom of moving around & truly felt like I was doing something. It seems every new EMT wants a job in the ER. Especially if you work for a private ambulance company. I have always been compassionate, caring & spiritual. I have always thought I was good at all those jobs. Confident & sure made me likeable & taken seriously. I loved to be an example. I too worked in the corporate world before all of this in upper management, overseeing a large group of employees & traveling. I thought I found my calling when I decided to care for people medically. The work was hard but rewarding.

I was so excited when I got a job in the ER as a tech. I hate it! I am so burned out, unappreciated, broken, stressed & tired. I dread going in to work. I enjoy using my skills & working codes, it’s not that I can’t handle it. It’s the workload & being underpaid to put up with a whole bunch of crap.

I feel like a puppet on a string. I work hard & through lunch most days. I eat in the ER because there is no other tech & YOU MUST HAVE A TECH cause they do everything & it is never good enough or fast enough. You are expected to have a massive memory & keep up with each nurse & their patients. Nurses work hard too but forget that while they are assigned to a few patients, a tech has all of them. While you are running tests, performing procedures, taking patients to the floor, etc., you are expected to magically have the rooms cleaned as soon as they discharge a patient so you can call another one back.

I am sorry but this is one job that needs to be revised. The hours are long & the rewards are less in that setting. You can have a gift to work in the medical field. Patient care could be your calling but working in an emergency room may not be your thing. I am going to get out as soon as I am able & leave it for someone else before I quit the whole business & become a mechanic or something.

I know, my attitude sucks. It never did before. I never hated the other jobs as much as this one. I am sorry I have nothing better to say. My hats off to the ones that love it. I appreciate you & only wish I had an opportunity to work a day with you to gain a new perspective but I hear the same story as mine from all other techs I know personally. My best wishes to you all. Health care is hard work…