Nursing Working Hours Are Over the Top

I haven’t been a nurse long but everyday I just hate it! Nothing I ever do feels like enough for so many patients that I care for that it is flat out ridiculous. And yes, I have been a patient myself and didn’t want to bother the nurses because I know what they are going through.

The current job I work for makes you work 53.5 hours long on call weekends by yourself, and I have personally worked a shift where I didn’t sleep, eat, or go to the bathroom in over 40 hours! This is so flat out ridiculous that I have started to feel like a patient’s personal slave!

If nursing is truly for you fine, but please do not start preaching that “it takes a special person to be a nurse.” I really hate that because I truly do care about people, but I also care about myself, and I have become sick every time I have worked without sleeping for over 24 hours which has happened 3 times now in the past 3 months! I would find being a door greeter to be more rewarding than this and am most likely going to do just that after saving up just a little more money.

Walking away from a job that pays over $25 dollars an hour to making around $8 dollars an hour is going to be hard to justify after all the time and money I spent in college and I don’t know exactly how I would do this, but life is short and I feel like I am living in hell everyday! I just don’t feel like its worth everything I am loosing in the end, including my sanity.

Can anyone give me any advice or at least help me feel like I am not alone or that I am not crazy for feeling working 40 hours straight is a violation of labor laws? I just feel like no one really cares.

Thank you!