McDonalds Manager – Can’t wait to quit!

I have been with my franchise of McDonalds for six years, and I have been management for five of those six years. I used to love my job, when I was crew, my managers loved me, I worked my butt off, and when I was asked to become manager and manage the overnight shift I said yes.

I went to classes to learn management which I enjoyed and even won a High Academic Achiever Award for highest test score averages. I was so proud of myself. In 2008, I was asked by the owner if I was interested in transferring to a location almost an hour away and becoming an assistant store manager. I respectfully turned it down because my vehicle wasn’t reliable enough to travel that far daily and I wanted to feel a little bit more ready before being an assistant. They were fine with that.

In 2009, I was transferred to a location that was closer because they needed my help and I was doing a good job. I got a good raise and I still have no complaints about my pay. I had trouble adjusting to the new environment because the managers seemed unprofessional, they talked about everyone behind their back, swore in front of customers, and started unnecessary drama. I sucked it up and soon those managers left and I was the senior swing manager, and I still tried my best and worked hard.

It turns out that no matter how hard you work, you are not appreciated. I frequently ask the assistant store manager if she needs help with anything, and she won’t let anyone help her, she wants to do everything all by herself because she feels that she’s the only one who can do it right. My boss, who I like most of the time, asked me to help her put some forms in the computer. She asked me to do two but I wanted to do the assistant a favor and did the whole stack for her. She wrote me a nasty note telling me she will do her own job. Well, sorry for trying to help! I have never been so disrespected for helping anyone in my life!

I have trained my crew to stock the whole store and clean before the overnight shift (I run dinner) and they do it. The overnight managers complain to ME when stuff isn’t done on the days that I don’t even work. And even on the days they do work, they find something to complain about even though my shift works twice as hard as they have to to get everything done. The management team gets nasty notes sent to them often. I hate the way they treat each other. I can’t do anything about it because I’m the mature levelheaded one according to my boss, but there is only so much I can take.

I can deal with coworker drama, but one thing I can’t deal with is when crew are abused by management and nothing gets done for months. Many of my crew also are underpaid. I don’t think McDonalds is a bad job, I think some franchises and areas are worse than others and if you need a job, don’t hesitate to work at McDonalds but I wouldn’t make anything long-term out of it.

I have been here for six years which is too long for me. I went to an interview last week and I should hear back from them soon if I have the job, so I can put my two weeks notice in. My boss is going to be really angry with me for quitting, but I have to do it for me.