Working at RAC Store is a Joke

When I first started working for RAC I was madly in love with the job. I got to meet different people and it paid pretty well for me being young and single. I worked there for 2 and 1/2 years and I won many awards for my sales skills. But around my last year things started to hit me and I was miserable. I was tired of being cussed out by customers on a daily basis. And in the rent to own business there are some nice and respectable customers, but most are not. Most sit on their asses all day and collect a check.

I know you’re thinking welfare…but you are so out of date. The new thing is SSI. And see if the parents get it and they have like 5-6 kids, all the kids get a check too. And working at RAC I learned the least they get is $674 monthly. Now think about all the kids too. A lot of money for sitting on your ass right? Plus food stamps and medicare or what ever it is. And these same low class pieces of sh*! who come in cuss us out because they can’t afford a 73 inch tv in a 500sq ft home.

I have even been attacked at a customer’s home because we were retrieving some merchandise I thought the customer and I were better than that. The only thing I can think of when a customers goes “crazy” is you disrespecting me after “I” work a mandatory 50+ hours a week, I get paid and they are taking my taxes to give to your ass for SSI and food stamps and your children’s healthcare and I can’t get any respect. I mean damn i’m making life easy for your sorry ass. And I don’t mind helping people that need help but we not paying taxes for u to pay RENTACENTER 5000 DOLLARS FOR A 50 INFLAT SCREEN while your children sleep on the floor on a dirty mattress, that’s all I’m saying. The job made me bitter and mean. I felt that I had to be to put up with some of the customers, though I had a great relationship with most. Do you know people will give back washers and dryers, fridges, kids bunkbeds just to keep a damn tv. It’s sad truly, it gives you a perspective on society that you would never see otherwise. WOW!! felt good to say.