The Hidden Truth: Nurses Workplace Stressors and Bullying

Have any of you watch the serious “Deadly Women”? Or the movie “Mean Girls”. Well it’s true, working with women is like being walked on.You will find one true friend out of the bunch, but sometimes that friend stabs you in the back. If your pretty, thin, young.. you better really think about another profession. You need to really look ugly when you go to work.

Since I graduated in 1992 I have had women try so hard to get me fired,threatened me, and made my life miserable. I can seriously and honestly tell you- I work my butt off at work, I don’t sit around, I’m constantly taking care of patients and other nurses patients. It seems as though every time I do another nurses work they will thank me and then stab me in the back. Nurses do eat their young, but those nurses are messed up in the head.They have very low self esteem and are self centered. I have been a nurse for 20 years and would never treat another nurse badly.

After many years of nursing I would give advice to never let others walk on you (as I did), never let them see you cry, keep your head up, Stand up for what is right, Stand up for others who are good and deserve to be recognized, treat others how you want to be treated. As for the nurses who think they can sit around and talk smack.. get a life, a heart and some empathy..