Flower Shop Worker – with a micromanaging boss and irritating coworker

I just started working for a very small-flower shop about a week ago, which is extremely fast paced and incredibly stressful. My boss is a complete micromanager, who is very rude to everyone working there, she has no personality, and she is a complete OCD freak. She is very disrespectful and rude to everyone, except customers of course. She is a very cold and callous person. She believes she knows everything and she is very difficult to work with. I’m trying to keep this very brief, but I want to know: how do I keep from taking the things she does so personally? I have been searching for a job for many months and even years, and I’ve finally this position. It is my first full-time position in a very long time. 10 people have quit this very position because of her.

My co-worker seems to be on my side, however, I don’t know what she says to the boss since she and the boss are older while I am straight out of college. She said “what will the boss do? fire me? I’d like to see them try that”. She tells the boss “No, it’s not like that; you don’t do it that way” etc. Sometimes my co-worker is cold to me, only because she told me that this boss micromanages too and watches her every move, and I don’t know if I should trust my co-worker or not.

I don’t know how to be friendly without showing my aggression towards my boss or my co worker. I told my co-worker that I “had a stressful day and I was close to crying earlier” and she said she didn’t want me to quit. I did show my boss attitude from time to time saying: “I was told to do the job report this way but you told me this other way” and I think that things like that fuel her fire rather than make me earn her respect.

How should I be friendly? Should I trust my co-worker? How personal should I get with my co-workers and boss? I have this fear that they will use anything that I say against me. I don’t know what is an appropriate work behavior (daily behavior amongst co-workers) and what is not appropriate in the sense where, I don’t know how friendly/chatty I should be.

Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks in advance!