Art Museum Job….Educating Children About Art

My job is a new job. I got this job through a public tender that I pass in this year. It was a victory because there was just a only vague description. I thought to choose another city, where it had more vague, but I didn’t want to live out there and then I decided to try here.
I work in an art museum in São Paulo and my work is about art education, especially for school groups. We’ve received many groups of children, teenagers and adults too. The youngest people we receive are 3 years old children. For them the visit is active, playful and we use some games in exhibition and workshop.
Students of elementary school have learned about the artist’s life and work. For them we offer activities on exhibition and at atelier. Everyone can draw and make their own artwork. Adults, elderly people, teachers and other groups also seek the museum’s education area.
I like this job because I love work with children and people that want to learn something. Besides, I did my graduate in art and here I can work with this. Before, I used to work with culture and art exhibitions too, but I used to work with the bureaucracy at the most of the time. I didn’t use to work with public and objects, I used to see many documents and numbers every day. That job wasn’t as interesting as my new job in museum.
In my new job we have to study to learn about museums, art and education. We must be polite and friendly with the visitors and we need to be creative many times. We should talk with other professionals and know their experiences. We don’t have to know everything, but we must to be ready to learn every day.
In this job I expect developing my career at museum’s area. In the next year I going to finish my master degree and I want to keep studying. In five years I hope to be writing my project for the Ph.D. in this area too. And you? Have you discovered a subject for study in your work?