Sexually Harassed While Working at McDonalds

I used to really like my job. I got hired as crew and was promoted to manager. I liked the people I worked with and we got a long well. I liked it so much I stayed.

I stayed way to long. All of the employees I liked quit. New ones got hired and we got bought out and became a franchise. This is where all the problems started. Things went well the first year, until we hired more new people.

After we got comfortable with working with one another, the male Hispanic swing managers would make sexist comments towards me. They never said anything to anyone else. I was alone in this. I told them to stop and hoped the situation would end. I knew how vindictive my coworkers could get. I had sexual comments made at me daily. They made me cry even when I would walk home. I was told once that I looked like I could “Suck a dick.” I finally put a stop to it. I called my boss. He came in and talked to the person who did it (We’ll call him Joe). Joe has some issues keeping sexual comments to himself. He often would make comments to other employees that were disgusting, and to customers as well.

Other employees saw he got way with his behavior and it was likely that I would be groped by another manager. When I voiced my dislike of this, they didn’t stop. If I threaten to tell upper management, nothing would change. On a daily basis I hear sexist comments and am groped. I am terrified of working at night because of the stories I hear from female employees.

The other illegal and unjust things that happen in our company are the people who work overtime (plus 40 hours a week) don’t get paid time and half. 14 and 15 year olds are allowed to work more than 8 hours a day. I refused to ask a 15 year old to stay longer than 8 hours and was reprimanded for it. I can’t stand this job. Something needs to get done.