Singapore Teacher Unhappy with the performance Bonus

Teachers should generally not be given performance bonus when the following happen as in Singapore schools

1. About 1% gets the Grade A = 4 months of bonus

2. About 15% get the Grade B = 2-3 months bonus

3. About 5% get the D grade = zero bonus payment

4. The rest get Grade C =half a month bonus

All seems nice and fair

but note:

a. Academic results of students dont’t matter, it is a ‘given’. Which means if you are an excellent classroom teacher, and your students’ results come in the 90 percentile, ie top 10% of the entire natiion, you still get your Grade D.

b. The reason given can be anything ridiculous like, ’students complain….’ usually frivolous complaints like they can’t understand your lessons or given notes. Does not matter if this is just one student

c. It means that the older and experienced teachers are the ones to usually get the D

d. it means that there is a lot of back-stabbing, politiking in the schools.

e. the teachers do not care about teaching, only keep going all kinds of programme to fatten their portfolio

f. And the students carry out these programs for the Grade B teachers

e. Finally when the results are bad, the Principal gets transferred out to another school

f. In comes a new Principal and she says to the staff that results are important. She wants to bring up the school’s results

g. When the evaluation comes around, once again the old teachers are given the D grade, no weightage is given to results again

this is really weird. but this is very true.

So large numbers of old teachers are forced into the mad house or resigned early.

truly a funny reflection of an educational system that is touted as the ‘best’ in the world.

Obviously the top officials get their B and their A in terms of performance bonus. Why would they care about the older teachers

Young teachers who are inexperienced get burned out, coming out with all kinds of programmes to please their Heads of departments.

Half the time, they are in meetings, calling parents when kids are late to school, giving extra lessons, counselling students, the works

Teaching is done. But quality teaching, hah, no energy, and no time.

But who cares…..

How is one to impart values of diligence, excellent work, integrity when half the time you are politicking to get your performance bonus?