Stressed Out Nurse – sick of tolerating the abuse

I’m glad to here that I’m not alone in my feelings of nursing. I have been a floor nurse for only a year now and have already decided to leave the profession.

I was spoon fed how wonderful a career in nursing is. I’m sure you guys have all heard it too: “its great money, you can name your price!” “You can find a job anywhere!” Well my experience has been completely different. I have 2 years of experience has a CNA, 2 years as a Charge LPN and 1 year as an RN and my last pay offer was 20 dollars per hour.¬†Not enough. It took me three months to find a job. I filled out over 40 applications.

Everyday I go to work with a bullseye on my back. The liabilit is scary. Shortages are horrible. Patients are abusive. I was recently attacked by a male patient who attempted to strangle me with his IV tubing after he threw me up against the wall, and when I came back for work the next day he was my patient again.

If you are someone considering nursing as a profession, don’t believe the hype – it’s all bs. Here’s the real deal about nursing: your over worked to the point that it jeopardizes your license, your patients are demanding and ungrateful, patients’ families are looking to sue you or the hospital for anything, and administration will sell you down the river in a second. Oh and not to mention the verbal abuse you’re¬†expected to tolerate from the doctors.

So if you choose nursing, be prepared to handle all of this daily with a smile!