Veterinary Technician Careers…..great jobs it but its a shady low pay field!

I love my job. Dont get me wrong. Helping and saving animal lifes, what better way to work! Kittens and puppies and birds etc.
Truth is, the people I have worked with in the 4 years i have been in this field have been RUTHLESS, INPROFESSIONAL, IMMATURE, and LAZY.

Everytime i enter a new hospital, i get questioned on my ability and mental prepareness. I get questioned with my experience and how long i have been working. And these questions are during the first few weeks over and over again.
The women hide in the break rooms and surgery room and gossip about every single person in the hospital.
I asked for help once and i got, ‘well im not the head tech, if you need help ask her. its not my job’. Like really? Arent we suppose to be a darn team? arent we suppose to work with one another and NOT against each other?

Unlike nursing, vet techs arent burnt out, sure we have long days and emergencies which require us to stay at work an extra 4 hours after we’ve worked 10 hours already, but i am sure nurses have it extremely worse. The most we have to worry about is getting bit or attacked for a malacious animal.

Doctors are typically good. They need to warm up to you and are willing to help you.
Do i love this job? of course.
Do i love my coworkers? HECK NO. i wish it were possible and easy but how can you work with someone that rather watch you stumble and fall instead of help?

One con is the pay. it SUCKS. if youre getting into this field, its definitely NOT for the money.
Most hospitals do not require a degree (jersey), they go by experience and experience plays a BIG role if you get hired.
I got hired by a speciality hospital which set me up and sent me a letter along with a very talented and experienced tech in the mail that we were laid off. They let us work the entire month and had the nerve to send us a letter in the mail. I would never ever respect that hospital for that inprofessional gesture.

Recently, i decided to take a break from being a tech and seeing what i want to do. I thought about nursing and even applied, but in the end of the day i know i wont be happy. i rather work with animals than people.

So i have a touch choice. I can continue my studies in veterinary technology and get my degree and work in new york and get paid what i am suppose to (20-27+ an hour) or go to nursing.

As bad as it is, pay does matter…. i need to be able to live and provide for my family. Making 12 an hour isnt an option….