Sales Representative in Hawaii Not Getting the Respect

I was once an outside sales rep in Hawaii. when you think of Hawaii, you think of the aloha spirit that’s within all local people there, right? wrong!

During my first week I started for a local distributor on a certain Hawaiian island, my ex-boss (born & raised in Hawaii) at the time rode along with me on Monday & Tuesday to introduce me to contact people at my accounts. the first thing he told me was that if I do well, i’ll make him look good to the owner of the company. bad 1st impression a$$hole!

I knew this guy was going to be trouble. read on… ¬†Wednesday thru friday of my 1st week, he directed me to visit the rest of my accounts. The impression that I got was that i was an order taker. boy, was I in for a rude awakening! Due to lack of training by my ex-boss, he blamed me for losing business @ an internationally known hotel, product shortages for my numerous accounts which caused those accounts to switch to our competitors, and the humdinger of losing the biggest account for our company to other competitors! that last example was the last straw!

Then there’s the office manager (and i use that title very loosely). the office manager (born & raised in Hawaii) is currently holding that position in that vile, acidic, incompetent excuse of a local business for the 4th year in a row. irony is, the office manager 1st learned to do accounting earlier this year! the only reason the office manager got the job is because that person kisses the owner’s a$$! the purchasing manager (born & raised in Hawaii)always shifts the blame of product shortages on the entire sales dept! the managers hold most of the power & the staff are too intimidated to speak to the owner about them for fear of being fired. there is virtually no open communication, no clear direction, and paranoia that runs rampant in that company! if this company prides itself to be locally owned and operated almost 50 years, i say shame on you managers! there is no respect that you all show toward your staff! sad but true! no aloha!