Price Chopper employee…..lazy managers and trashy coworkers

Hello. I don’t even know where to start. My whole working experience was terrible at Price Chopper, Inc. I started with minimum wage, and first day of work, they expect you to start doing everything while they’re too lazy to actually show or tell you what you gotta do. I worked in the Food Court department, where you would make pizza, wings, and etc for customers. Customers are 50 percent chance cool with you, where the other half look down on you and move you with their chin. But that can’t be helped, just the type of job.

What was worse for me was the mentality of everyone I worked with. People would leave the department without a warning as they like, steal food before they leave, talk stuff behind your back, all kinds of trashy behavior that you can expect from a worker. I scored 9 out of 10, for “reasons to leave your workplace”.

Their management is worse of all jobs I’ve had, and the work environment is very poorly supervised. The Food Court I worked at was infested with flies, always out of stock for something, and even the Full-Timers would leave at least an hour before their shift was supposed to end. My boss will leave me by myself will I have 10 different customers, and go on her “1 hour” break, and frown upon me if I dare to ask for help. One day, one of the rotisserie chicken cooker exploded its glass windows. It happened right in front of me, and I could of been seriously injured, but instead they tell me to swipe the thing. How were they to know one of the other glass windows wouldn’t explode right in my face while I was sweeping?

This can be included with bad management, as my boss would do absolutely nothing to fix or prevent a hostile work environment. People would talk crap about me for being a minority race, for being a legitimate worker who would do things right and making co-workers work extra, and boss will just tell me to ignore it. Of course, soon enough, it grew out of proportion, and one of my co-worker started to ignore me completely. She heard from another co-worker that I said something terrible about her, which is a false accusation. This effected both of our work performance. One of the co-worker who knew who told the lie to the other one, would tell me to confront him and verbally assault him (or something). Different one will make fun of my genital size (for I am oriental) and involve my GF into this vulgar harassment. I told my boss about it all, but she would do nothing but to tell me to not let it get to me.

Lastly, they have a policy which if you decide not to show up without a warning to them, and you do it 3 times within a year, you get fired. I did it twice at January because the whether is horrid in NY, and I cannot afford to Winter-Proof my car. So accidents happened and did No-Call No-Show twice in January, so I only had one chance left for this year. Then in 2 or 3 month, I caught a really bad cold, but I was still able to call within 2 hours ahead like the policy states that I’m supposed do so, but the Full-Timer at the time refused my rights to call in. She would not budge but I was physically unable to show up. So, there it is, my 3rd No-Call No-Show. I told her I would come in ’cause even after 10 minutes of phone call, she would not say yes. Couple weeks before I did my 3rd No-Call No-Show, I received a verbal warning that I was on a Job-Alert, and if I was late or did No-Call No-Show one more time, I’d be fired. So I assumed when I did my 3rd No-Call No-Show, I was fired so I did not bother coming in next day or calling, thinking they would call or send me an letter of it. Later on, I learned that they never kept the record properly, so they considered me “voluntarily quit” out of that place, which resulted in denial from unemployment insurance. I got F*ed badly by them even after I left them.

I’m not asking for any advice or comment here, you can leave them if you’d like, but I’m writing this merely to serve it as a warning. People, don’t work at Price Chopper, they can screw you more than you can imagine.