Nurse – Screw the Bottom Feeders in Nursing

I am a RN with 26 years in the field and have been mostly in the psychiatric and gerontology fields, you know, old folks homes. Well, it has been a rough last ten years working in the hard psych floors, but that presently is not my bitch.

It is the place where I have had been terminated from as a staff nurse because I wrote up a couple of lazy nurse’s aides who had made it a habit to sit in the lounge and eat and watch TV for hours at a time when the management left. It was plainly stated that I could issue written or verbal warnings to the CNAs without supervisor approval, which I did. So, this lazy CNA gets in my face and screams at me.

Now bear in mind, if the call bells were going off, they would pull the call buttons out of the patients hands and leave them out of the reach of the patient, no water available, the trays out of the patients reach, dirty patients, crying patients, and I was so stuck in the med cart I could do nothing but pass meds.  Well I go to the lounge and try to get these lazy CNAs to work and was screamed at and told by the one she would have my job. She did.

I filed with the labor board and am waiting to hear if i get unemployment. Now, no one will hire me because I will not cower to the CNAs. I want the patient properly cared for and let us see about what the labor board has to say. Will I get my money or not? For two months I have been waiting. I plan to get even with the facility but the wife tells me that they will jail me. I could use any advice about this issue from someone more in the know than me.