Front Desk Hotel Employee Constantly Abused and Degraded

Where to start? I will begin by saying that the guests are not the problem, the guests are generally friendly. The problem is that our management (like most hotels) is corrupt and condescending.

My general manager is a complete two-faced hag, whose daughter works front desk as well and gets special treatment. They talk about all the staff behind their backs, and constantly complain about mistakes their employees make instead of generating a plan to improve efficiency in the workplace. They are bitter and don’t practice the rules they preach. They do anything to make their lives easier. They will not work weekends but I have worked every weekend for a year. They expect me to do side work and laundry when I am so busy and overwhelmed, but they won’t lift a finger even on the slowest days. They are miserable people and when something in their social life is misshapen they bring the drama to the workplace and take it out on staff (especially me) by being rude and demanding.

They suck up to our owner who is a very nice man, but being as condescending as they are, he never sees how they screw him over by taking 2 hour lunch breaks, taking money from his corporate account for their own benefit, and talking about him behind his back.

Anyone who stands up to the manager and her daughter has been verbally abused or fired. They are rotten, inconsiderate people. They have no compassion for their staff at all. I have worked 16 hours in a row because the daughter doesn’t feel good because she “broke up with her boyfriend.”

The problem is, the daughter’s friend works here now, so its basically them against me. They come in late for their shifts when I can’t leave until they get here. They write down all my mistakes in our logbook when they do worse mistakes, I am just too scared to put them in there. I do extra work and its never enough, they constantly criticize and ask more and more of me so they have to do less.

This job is crazy. I have never been so degraded and abused at a job. This isn’t the first hotel where I have witnessed gossip, abuse and mistreatment. I will advise people who want to go into the hotel industry especially front desk, it is a dramatic place where people can take advantage of your good nature (as will most jobs). If you are run by managers who abuse their authority it will be even worse.