Picking Up Dead Bodies Everyday for Work

My start pay $9.00 per Hour – Pick up Dead people to be Cremated from Homes, Hospitals and Nursing homes.

While I drive around in a van smelling the corpses sometimes with maggots >┬ádecomposing shit smelling bodies.┬áChasing doctors down to get death certificates signed when 8 out 10 times they don’t know what the cause of death was. Filing the death certificates then the families would bitch if there is a letter out of place.

My own Mother dying while the coworkers ask if I wanna go pick her up (WTF !!)

10 + yrs as an assistant getting fucked over for a raise. While everyone else was making thousands a pay check (i.e. the managers), I was the gofer making only hundreds a Pay check, while the owner – Greedy – kept raising the prices on the services, which means less and less calls. Scammed outta my gold watch > 10 years of service which I never got. Days later being let go > “cut backs.”

This is want I get >>> ending pay $12.00 per hour.