RN means Being a Patient Advocate

I have been an R.N. since 1994. While attending Nursing school, I did not work in the medical field. (I had NO idea what I was in for.) In my last quarter prior to graduating, I remember many times going into the Linen closet area with tears in my eyes, trying to re-group my professional facade.

I should have known then that there were a lot of back stabbers and competitors in the Nursing profession. I say profession lightly. Why????? Because it is the one profession that is given almost NO respect. R.N.s are in a field where not only do other nurses try and compete with you, but people who are trained on the job are allowed to call themselves Nurses. If you question this, Look Out! They will be out to get you any way they can. Also, in an medical office or clinic, why are the office staff allowed to wear Medical scrubs etc.???? This gives them and the patients the false belief that they are on the same level as an R.N. that has 5 years of college behind them. It’s wrong.

There are many Medical facilities that want to hire MAs versus CMA’s or LPN/R.N.s. Why???? Because there are NO laws against this and the physician or Medical facility wants to pay cheap wages. I’m sorry, but you get what you pay for…in the end it WILL bite them where it counts…(The wallet)

The above practice should be illegal. It is not right that those parading around as if they are fully trained and educated as an CMA/LPN or R.N. and falsely portraying to the patient, that they are a degreed or a licensed/certified professional are allowed to continue in this manner. I wonder how many patients would except that knowledge…. I wouldn’t. Why is this not considered Fraud???????

The back stabbing by those jealous of the R.N. education I busted my butt for, would like nothing more, than my resignation. That way they can continue with the charade and the physician saves money. As a patient, this is a scary thought. As a patient advocate, I must protect them.

Like many on here, I no longer care to be in the medical profession/or Nursing in any way. I just do not know what else my education qualifies me for. I truly want to be treated with the respect I have earned. (BTW, I treat those that are not licensed with respect.) I have lost all respect for the Medical profession. Knowing the inside of the profession, I would definitely have chosen a different path. The rewards are few and the me first world doesn’t appreciate us.