Slavery in 2004?….walmart cashier job

I work as a cashier at Walmart, and it’s the best paying job I’ve had. For the most part it’s good and often fun, but then I get these people who want me to be a slave! I get these customers, mostly white suburbanite women, who want me wait on them hand and foot as I cashier!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m “just a walmart cashier”, because I’m black or both! I usually bag the purchases, hand the filed bags to the customer and continue until it’s all done. Well, these white women (not all of them are bad… just many!) want me to do it all: ring up merchandise, bag items, place in the cart… and they’d really want me to put it in the car and even unload at their suburbanite homes!

Since I’ve been doing this job I’ve gotten tendonitis in my wrist, and to lessen the problem I give them the heavy things right back… and they get ticked off. I want to tell them my name is Toby (i.e. the name of the slave from “Roots”). If I hand it to them they get dissed, but if I say I’ll do it but wait until I’m ready they get dissed more and snatch it. It’s something else to think I make a living deal with people’s stupidity (and prejudice)! I cannot say anything to them, I have to take their bull… and how I wish I could set them straight. People are stupid, rude, and need help… and then those special few make me feel good that I’m there. One pet peeve I have is having to loan pens to customers who have it made far better than me. I have to take MY money, buy pens both for my useage on the job and to loan to well to do suburbanites who could have several gold plated Cross pens.

Sometimes I’ve felt like screaming, and one time I had to rush to the restroom, bellow out a little, and return to the pain in the neck (i.e. customer). Just once I’d like to make folks do their own packing and bagging… and see how it feels.