Postal Clerk….Most of us Like our Jobs

I have been a postal clerk for over 20 years and the complaining gets really old, we are very lucky to have our jobs and as far as you waiting in line and thinking we talk or don`t jump right away is just wrong..most of us like our jobs and just so you know I still work every saturday and at 9:00 we open the window till noon but what most people don`t know is I start at 4:00 am and break the mail down to get it to carrier and its not easy but no complaints, thats what we do each day not just the week-end..

I have seen people come and go so if your not cut out for it stop doing it but don`t post that your bored or its a bad place to work do your job and be happy to have it..there are days that are hard but there are slower days that make up for that hard day!! PTFs are all saying its hard to live with cut hours…remember you are a ptf and was just fine when they hired you, I remember getting 4 hours a day was it hard..oh yes but then we had to wait our turn and put in our time,,,,

Not always the best place to work, where would you find that job? There are nuts everyplace you look..could clean out alot of factory workers that way!! Just be happy and we are not over paid we work darn hard for our 8 hours and are proud of that…also a city carrier is 8 hours and the others are when they get done they are by a contract that says they can go…..

Lazy I think not just go with them a day and you will see what they do..The mail gets in the box each day…they do that..I`m very proud of our clerks and carriers…..If you only knew how we fight to stay alive and treat each customer with respect…..Just keep doing your job postal or others and be happy…Each town or city is different but I like my job and to hear other clerks say bad things is just wrong, please if you hate it so bad leave and let the others do your job, they would be so happy to take over and plus just have that job…