Lowes Store Auditor: Loving My Job

I am a RDC store auditor. I love working for Lowes. I spent two years in the army, serving my country in Vietnam in 1969 thru 1970. I spent 25 years with a private corporation and I was in management over 20 of those years. I have been with Lowes for 14 years and I have enjoyed every year. I make twenty thousand dollars a year less than what I was making with the private corporation, but I enjoy all my benefits I receive from Lowes.

A job is what you, as an individual, puts in it. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work for Lowes and I hope I can work at least 6 more years. If I had put my full time in Lowes I could be a millionaire now. Please never judge a work place by all the negatives you hear because for every one negative you hear there will always be several positives.

I audit all the stores in Florida and some in Alabama and I have never been mistreated by any one. All the Management and the team members are always pleasant and I appreciate their kindness and hard work when an audit is being done. I was taught when I was growing up to always treat people the way you want to be treated. Everyone needs to smile more and quit trying to get something for nothing. Lowes only wants a days of work for a days pay. What is wrong with this. Be honest. Stealing time is same as stealing money.
May God Bless, and I hope everyone, not only Lowes, prospers.