Perils of Nursing. Bodily injury!….LPN Nurse

I am an LPN in Louisiana. I began nursing in 1991 in N.C. I have worked in nursing homes since graduation. People should be aware of the risks of bodily injury before they begin nursing.

You will be lifting residents who are bigger and heavier than you. If you have worked out all of your life, you may be in great shape. Some of us do not possess upper body strength needed for this profession.

Since I began my job, I have herniated a disk in my neck requiring disk fusion. I have had both shoulders scoped and rotater cuff tears repaired. Veins stripped in my legs from being on my feet all shift. Knee surgery from torn cartiledge. 2 hernia repairs from lifting residents.

I finally have a desk job which I am truly grateful for. Only now we have a clean sweep CEO who wants my job. How can I go back to the floor? Any suggestions? Signed, Does not want more surgeries in La.