nursing is unbearable, thankless….male nurse

I’m a 39 year old male who has been a registered nurse for 7 years. I’m going back to
school to do something else because I’m
tired of families treating me like a doormat with boundless demands and hospitals treating me like a slave with
outrageous and unsafe workloads. Oh yes, as far as most doctors are concerned a nurse is not even worth talking to unless its to unload some verbal abuse. During every 12 hour shift a nurse exhausts
himself or herself and the reward is that patients, famlilies, and doctors
point out what was not done to perfection and not one positive word
about what was done right. (Like giving
the patient a new lease on life.) The
workload is impossible and nursing
assisstants, unit secretaries, and resource nurses have all been cut to
negligible levels or eliminated. The
paperwork and computer documentation
have all been increased to outrageous
levels to “paint a picture” of good care with no thought that this results
in even less time for patient’s. Any nurse aged 20s to 40s whould be crazy to plan to be a nurse until they retire. Most
humans can’t take what a nurse goes
through for more than a few years. I know I can’t. I hate to waste 5 years
of nursing schooling but I dom’t want to
hate what I do for a living.