Assistance at a large company….what does that mean

I worked for a fairly large conglomerate in Munich, Germany doing marketing and
assistance. Assistance is basically doing shit…organizing meetings…no, I didn’t make
coffee. I refused to make coffee.

Before this job, I studied and I took the job because it paid well. I’ve been doing it
for 2 years and I kept doing it because it paid well and I didn’t know what else to do. It
didn’t make me happy because it was boring. I did like organizing the workshop things and
when I could do marketing things it was fun, but it was up and down as far as what I could

Where do I start to list the things I didn’t like…I didn’t like most of it…I
mean…I didn’t like most of it…I hated answering the telephone all day at work…but I
was good at it. When my boss was there, I used to let it ring to see if my boss would pick
it up. If he’s there, what’s the use of me picking up the phone anyway? I quit to take a
trip around the world…but I would have quit anyway, because I hated the company…the

Accomplishment? A lot of times they kept telling me how great I was…they were so
ignorant themselves that they were impressed by me. My boss was cute (insert sarcasm
here)…he was ok…some people had difficulties because he was so formal, but for me he
was ok because I just kept talking. After a week, I could spend hours talking about my

I got 2 silk pajamas from business trips…it was like I asked people who went to
China…not sure if I paid or the company paid. What will I do in 5 years?.. if I only
knew what to do….that’s why I’m travelling…must be something creative…but not
writing because I’m not good at it…I want to be travelling, but I’m just starting.

In 30 years? be dead? In 30 years, I want to have earned retirement and be
travelling…at my company, I think I can retire at that age. Maybe my boss would take me
back…he said I could come back if I wanted. Maybe my boss could get me a job in