Graphic Artist…. work in a hostile environment

I currently work for a company whose name depends on the day of the week. They frequently change the name of the company, related to the lack of customer satisfaction. This company works with people out of state making it more difficult for people to sue them. This is a hostile environment governed by men who do not have any social skills. The situation just gets more and more ridiculous with the bosses. The eldest is a pathological liar and tells you – never asks you to do something and then 5 minutes later asks you why you are doing exactly what he just asked you to do and then looks you in the eye and says “I didn’t say that” – I started recording him – that pissed him off. I wrote is down and that pissed him off. It’s a lose lose situation with this guy. The other day I walked into my work area and found a flood of chemicals, water on the floor where electrical wires laid. I raised concern about the safety and hazardous nature of the conditions and was told that the wires were impervious to water. Really? A regular store bought multi prong is not a cause for concern for electrocution? Really? It has been a week and the condition still exists. I offered to clean it up if they cut the breaker – but they insist it is not a hazard. So I avoid the area. It’s were the plates need to be unloaded so it is a hassle. I do exactly what I’m asked to do yet always another reason from “management” to yell at you. It’s a dump and the work areas are disgusting and filthy. Trash is just piled up all over and the environment is a TOTAL downer. They used to have 3 other artist there and they used to milk a simple project like a business card for 2 days – I’m expected to produce the same thing in 1/2 hour. They tell me that I can only use Times Roman and it’s discouraging. I’ve about all I can take from this place – been searching and the limit of jobs in this area is sad. So I wait for something better like death to occur. The production load is insane – they have one graphic person who does all the production – customer service – pre-press – full service. One pressman who sometime works 24 hours straight. One bindery person. We are all treated like crap. we are expected to output 100 page catalogs in like 2 days. It’s freakin insane!!!!! There is no support nor chances of advancement what so ever – in fact those greedy bastards collect the profits while they grip and moan how there is no money and actually cut our pay. You have no idea what hell is till you work for the devil himself. The conditions are beyond hope. There is no formal H.R. department to discuss anything and it’s always there word against you. I am in misery with this job and hanging on by a thread to sustain anything that closely resembles a lively hood. It’s so difficult to be happy when you are constantly set up to fail. It’s everyday life – in a dump with hazardous conditions and horrible discouraging liar devil attempting to ruin your life and take aware your self respect. I hope that other people never fall into this condition. Yup so welcome me to the club of the disatisfied with their job. This is the worst job I have ever had and I am tired of working under these conditions.