Nothing But Hell…Scheduling issues at Nothing but Noodles

Some of you may or may not know of the somewhat small franchise called Nothing But Noodles. I’m not entirely sure, but i think they are mostly scattered around the south. I do not advise anyone who has respect for themselves ever work there. There are two in my city in Alabama, and I worked at both, the first, near to my house, I was paid far less than the other employees who worked less hours, had less experience, and who didn’t give a rat’s ass about their job. I asked for more hours, always worked hard, and showed a desire to receive more responsibility but was always denied. I always felt as though my manager didn’t like me for some reason, while my friend whom had decided to get a job with me there as well, was treated far better, even though I had been working there longer and never missed a day, while she had to miss work frequently, she was also paid far more money than me! But of course, as in the real world, employees aren’t allowed to discuss and compare their wages, so I could never discover the reason as to why I was paid less. I was even paid less than the guy who whined all night at work, and hid in the cooler in the back when my boss wasn’t looking because he hated the job, which really is a very easy job.

A few months later i was offered a position at the other location, although 30 minutes farther from my house, I gladly accepted because I was promised more hours and more pay. At first things were strange, the other location was ran differently, and so that took time getting used to, but it only went down hill from there. There was no definite schedule ever, the boss man just kind of called whoever, whenever and instead of asking you if you could work, they would accuse you of missing work (which of course there being no written or spoken schedule) you didn’t even know you had. This of course is how they tried to make it seem as though it was your fault, and not their fault for shoddy scheduling skills, or well complete lack there of. Not only that, but there was an extreme amount of racism towards me, being the only white employee as well as being female. I was treated as though I was inferior to my African manager, as well as inferior to my East Indian owner. I never showed that kind of disrespect to them in any way, why should I be treated like that? After enduring months of some of the worst managing skills in my entire life, it all came down to the last straw.

My made up schedule was sometimes the same week to week, and for the past month and a half I had had Fridays off, due to having some new employees (another thing I wasn’t happy with, surplus of employees, meant few hours for me). One Thursday my manager TOLD me I HAD to work the next morning, Friday morning, not asked me, and since I needed the hours I gladly said “sure” (like I had a choice anyway). So I work my Friday morning shift, and even stay late so my boss can “go to the bank for fifteen minutes” which ended up being close to 40 minutes, but I didn’t mind because I, again, needed the hours. So finally my boss returns and I clock out and no one says a single word to me about working the night shift, and seeing as how Fridays were never on my imaginary schedule, I had no idea of my impending doom. Later that night I get a phone call from a friend of mine, and he says “hey you need to be at work” and I was already stepping out the door for a date and so my reply was “no i don’t work tonight” and didn’t think anything of it seeing as this wasn’t too great of a friend of mine. Then several minutes later, my boss is calling me and is asking me where I am, again replying that I was never asked to work that night. This sends him flying off the handle, instead of make himself look stupid for inaccurately planning that night’s schedule in his head, he blames me and starts screaming and cussing at me, dropping the F-bombs left and right and calling me F-ing “retarded” and then says “Don’t ever come back in, I don’t need you here” and then says “uh.. wait no I still need you to work tonight.” After enduring months of this kind of ignorance from someone who is supposed to be managing ME, my reply was “I’ll be picking up my last checks next Friday”.