Ice cream maker.Beats working for a living

As a kid growning up in the N.C. mountains,I dreamed about ice cream.I was obsessed with it.My uncle had a country store with a soft serve machine,and I vowed as a grownup I WILL install one in my garage.My friends would come over every day and we would eat unlimited ice cream and play tag.Life would rock,of that I was certain.

Today i made 250 gallons of Ice Cream. It is hard work. Landscaping, construction,agriculture.I have worked in these industries,and compared to running an Ice Cream biz,they are a walk in the park.

Still think it sounds fun glamorous,romantic or exciting?Then here is how you become a full time Ice Cream maker/co-owner of a small Ice Cream wholesale company.

Our family just moved to Florida.I started working at a small anonymous creamery in 2002.18 years old and no experience in the food industry.There were only 6 employees,and I started out extemely entry level:washing buckets.Hated it,but I was determined to be the best bucket washer the creamery ever had.A month later started doing Ice Cream prep,and soon assistant Ice Cream maker.In two years I learned the business inside out,then decided to go into landscaping full time.My boss at this point was virtually absentee and rather than have me leave I was offered shares in the company at rock bottom price.

I took the offer.I now work like a maniac.

On the other hand,I get paid to develop new flavors of Ice Cream.We recently added a line of Italian Ice.90% percent of our Ice Cream goes to private Ice Cream parlors here in the sunshine state.Business is good.I guess the moral of this story is do the absolute best job at whatever you can,and you will be rewarded.

When friends ask “do you like what you do?”,I just smile and say..”yup,It sure beats working for a living!!” (they have no clue)